Sweet Taste, Bitter Truth

Save the Date! Coming soon a public open talk: Sweet taste, bitter truth. Everybody knows that sugar is bad for you, but why? Is it just related to weigh gain and diabetes or it goes far beyond that? How does sugar actually affect you physical and mental wellbeing? What could we do about it? Join me on September 29th from 6:30 to 7:30 at Bartholomew public library in Columbus Indiana to find outsugar

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Colds & Flu Workshop

Get ready for the winter! Colds & Flu workshop – learn how to use homeopathic remedies to boost your health through the season. Location to be defined depending on number of participants – limited spaces. – enroll now! Saturday, November 16th at 10am.

Flu season

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Homeopathy Open Evening Talk

Tuesday, November 5th – Save the date! For the first time ever in Columbus an open evening about Homeopathy! We will talk about what is Homeopathy and how it can benefit your wellbeing. Homeopathy is widely practiced in Europe, India and South America, and becoming more and more popular in America, don’t miss out! The event is free and open to the public. Please register at the Bartholomew County Public Library website. See you there!


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New Address!

Homeopathy Integrated Wellness are now at 902 Washington Street, Columbus, Indiana.

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Homeopathy First Aid Classes – Winter: Cold & Flu

Homeopathy Wellness & First Aid Class Part 1 – Winter Colds & Flu

Coming soon in Columbus IN !!

Interested? Leave a message :)

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Homeopathy Facts & Myths

Placebo effect does exist in any type of treatment, including conventional medicine and homeopathy.

By the end of 2009, 142 RCTs of homeopathy had been published in peer-reviewed process by which articles are selected for publication in academic journals by a panel of experts. In terms of statistically significant results, 74 of these trials were able to draw firm conclusions: 63 were positive (patients given a homeopathic medicine improved significantly more than the comparison group given either an inactive placebo or established conventional treatment); 11 were negative (no significant difference was seen between the action of the homeopathic medicine and the comparison group) 1. Mathie, R. The Research Evidence Base for Homeopathy. British Homeopathic Association, 2009. The fact that the remaining 68 trials were inconclusive highlights the need for changes in the way homeopathy research is conducted in future to generate meaningful results. Two key factors are the need for larger scale trials (commonly prevented by a lack of funding) and the use of more appropriate research methods such as pragmatic trials a study designed to test how effective a medical treatment is when given under ‘real life’ clinical conditions, which are better-suited to the task of testing a complex individualised therapy such as homeopathy (Mathie, R. The Research Evidence Base for Homeopathy. British Homeopathic Association, 2009).

It is valid to reinforce that research in homeopathy and high dilutions has been carried out worldwide in animals, plants and even bacteria in vitro, where there is no placebo effect involved

Most of the criticism regarding the placebo effect in homeopathy is related to the fact of no resemblance of a single molecule of original substance left in high dilutions, misunderstanding homeopathy and placebo. The fact is that in homeopathy there is no molecule – receptor – effect as in conventional medicine, therefore is unwise analysing homeopathy by molecular rules.

The biological effects of high dilutions have been largely demonstrated in different areas of research (including professionals such as physicians, pharmacists, vets, physicists etc); however the mechanism of action is not completely understood yet.

Homeopathy is safe

Yes indeed. There are no toxic effects in homeopathy due to the high dilutions doses; therefore it is suitable to anyone including babies, pregnancy and elderly people.

Sometimes aggravation of symptoms can occur at the beginning of treatment, followed by amelioration, which it is an indication that the remedy was well selected and the patient is healing. Although aggravation is a good sign, once it happens the remedy should be stopped. 

Homeopathy action is fast 

Unlike conventional drugs, which need to be metabolized and then absorbed to produce an effect, homeopathy it is not based on molecular medicine, thus it acts fast.

The treatment can take longer in chronic diseases due to obstacles to cure or previous suppression.

Homeopathic remedy acts fast, which is another advantage to use in first aid situations. The course of treatment can be short or long, depending on each individual and circumstances.

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What is to be cured?

 Cure means removing the primary cause of the central disturbance on the vital force, and not only removing the symptoms.

Homeopathy approaches each one as a unique being in a holistic manner, understanding each individual as a whole being.

Hippocrates understood a natural way of cure which was called Vix Medicatrix Naturae, attesting that the aim of any treatment should be removing the obstacles to the vital force flow.

Genuine chronic illness is an attempt of the body to heal and balance itself.  If only the symptoms are removed without the necessary change on the central disturbance, it is likely that the body will show a re-incidence of symptoms or new symptoms as an expression of a deep disorder.

The Homeopathic Consultation 

To understand the central disturbance, the homeopath will carefully analyse information related to physical an emotional symptoms at the present and from the past, therefore more information you give, more likely to clarify what is to be cured.

The first consultation takes at least one hour and the homeopath will listen and take confidential notes of everything you are willing to share about yourself. As if putting a puzzle together, the homeopathy will study all details and then a remedy will be selected based on the “like cures like” principle.

All emotional and physical changes are relevant in homeopathy. Making a few notes can be very useful during a follow up consultation.

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